conan rogers


man of mystery
conan rogers

everything is connected
mystery fanatic

i know judo
akechi detective club card

man of many faces
kogoro family vendetta

nose for danger
man on the inside

have magnify glass will travel
mystics eyes

Superb, mystery
Great, resolve, investigation
Good, deceit, alertness, fists
Fair, resources, endurance, intimidation, academics
Average, art, drive, rapport, stealth, pilot
scene of the crime (investigation)
eye for detail (investigation)
quick eye (investigation)
psychic (mysteries)
spirit companion (mysteries)
companion spirit kogoro akechi. +4 great companion
+4 to mental/knowledge

patron, Kogoro akechi
novel, conan rogers and the mystery novel killer
guest star. darius quinn vs the aerial menace
side note now takes care of his patrons son Kobayashi
3 fate


conan rogers

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